Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Quick Contouring with Cream Makeup Sticks

Contouring is a major make-up trend right now.  I've seen tutorials all over the web, and countless before and after pictures, but really who has time for that!?!  The time isn't the only issue I have with most contouring posts I've seen...I'm just not a fan of "fake-up"  I prefer looking made up, not like a completely different person.
Last year I made a few cream blush, highlighter and bronzer sticks...and ever since I've been using them in my daily make-up routine.  A few swipes of makeup later, and a little rubbing in with my fingers, my face is contoured just how I like it!
I start by swiping blush across the apples of my cheeks, then bronzer in my cheek hollows, along my hairline and down the bridge of my nose.  Finally highlighter goes on right above the blush, right below the arch of my brows, and in the cupids bow of my lips.  Then I quickly blend it in starting from the lightest colour to the darkest.  I'm done in under a minute!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Make it Monday: Draft and Sew a Custom Bikini Bottom

Here is the follow up to last weeks Sporty Bikini Top tutorial!  The pattern is drafted by tracing out your best fitting bikini bottoms or panties.

Materials and Supplies
-Bikini Bottom or Panties (to make the pattern)
-Paper, Pencil, Eraser & Ruler
-Measuring Tape
-Swim Suit Fabric & Lining (about 1/2 yard of each, I used a polyester/spandex knit for the lining)
-Thread to Match
-Chlorine Treated Elastic (1" Wide
 and 1/4" Wide)
- Sewing Machine

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sewing Sunday: Silk Slip Dress

Last week I posted about four fabrics that I couldn't make up my mind on what to make with them.  
I realized that if I made the floral silk fabric into a slip dress, I could make a flowy cropped top with the blue polka dot fabric that could be worn over top of the dress.  That way I could still mix the two prints together.
 I copied the pattern from my favourite slip dress, but changed the back of the dress to be a racerback style.  Next I cut out the fabric.  This was the first time in a very long time that I've made something that is cut on the bias, so I was a little nervous about how it would turn out.
 I carefully laid out the pattern pieces, and cut them as accurate as I could to ensure that I had the grain line perfect.
Next I sewed together the side seams, and then pinned the dress (only at the top) onto my dress form to let it hang overnight (an important step in making sure the side seams hang properly with bias cut garments) before I serged the seams and completed the dress.
 I finished the top edges of the dress by sewing on a bias binding strip.
I wish I had finished this dress while it was still summer time, but I think it will look beautiful in the Fall paired with burgundy and other rich Fall colours.
I just searched google to see if I could find a similar slip dress pattern to share if anyone wanted to make something similar...and I found pretty much the exact pattern as what I made!  The only thing different is it doesn't have a racerback, but that would be so easy to change!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Fashion Friday: Mixing Neutrals

Top- Joe Fresh 
Skirt- Thrifted
Shoes- Aldo (similar)

After seeing this outfit on pinterest, I knew I wanted to recreate something similar, and luckily I had the right pieces for the job already in my closet.
I love the idea of mixing neutral prints from two different colour families (blues and browns in this case) when usually we're told to only mix prints that share colours....I guess when neutrals are involved anything goes!

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tasty Thursday: Infused Oils and Vinegars

Image Source

A few months ago my Mother-in-law was telling me about some infused Olive Oils and Vinegars that she had used for dipping bread.  All the flavours sounded delicious, so she gave me my own set (from a proudly Canadian company) to try.  Instead of using mine as a bread dip I'm constantly mixing flavour combinations on top of my salads.
I love to use a citrus flavoured oil with a berry flavoured vinegar.  This makes for the easiest (and tastiest) salad dressing ever!  Just a few drops (or how much you like) of each on top of your salad, mix it up, and indulge!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: My favourite go to workout...Kettlebells!

I've mentioned a few times on my blog about running a few half marathons, and for awhile running was my only go-to workout.  In the last year I've switched things up a lot and have added more strength training to my workouts.
I was getting tired of being so gangly and awkward (think baby giraffe learning to walk) and I really wanted more muscle definition...Kettle Bell workouts have been the best thing ever for me!
I started out with a 15lb kettle bell, and tried out this Jillian Michaels workout.  It was hard!  But I was hooked!  There were a few moves that I couldn't do with the 15lbs, but after a couple weeks they were no problem.  It was crazy how quickly I grew stronger, and even started to out grow my weights.
I love that kettle bell workouts are a mixture of strength and cardio...by the end of it I'm dripping in sweat...and that's a good thing in my opinion!
Kettlebell Workout
1 min Cardio- I like Burpees, Jumping Jacks, Pike Jumps, High Knees, Butt Kicks...the list goes on
30 Halo (15 each direction)- Circling the Kettle Bell around your head (here)
30 Swings- I like to do single arm alternating...I also like to do one set swinging between the legs, and the next swinging from the outsides of my legs with my legs close together.
40 Clean and Press (10/side x2)- Shown Here
30 Single Leg Balance Deadlift (15/leg)- Shown Here
1 min Cardio
30 Single Leg Balance Row (15/side)- Balance with leg behind you, and row the kettle bell up with the opposite arm.
50 Russian Twists- Shown Here
30 Squat and Press- Squat down, press the weight up
40 Plank Pull Across- Get in high plank position with the bell set just outside your waist, pull the kettle bell across with the opposite arm from one side to the other switching arms.
1 min Cardio
30 Bridge Press (15/side)-  Lay on your back in bridge position, press up the weight slowly and back down.
40 Warrior 3 Balance Crunch- Shown Here
Alphabet Spell-out- Hold the bell in front of your body and spell out all the letters of the Alphabet in the air.

I wasn't actually planning on posting any workouts on my blog...and I'm definitely not trying to become a fitness blogger...but I happen to love this workout so much, maybe you will too!
If you want more kettle bell workouts from a REAL fitness blogger, you should check out Pumps and Iron!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Trendy Tuesday: Midi Skirt and Hi-Low Hems

Midi Skirt, Hi-Low Hem
Midi Dress
Hawaiian Print Dress
Hi-Low Hem
Hi-Low Hem, Silver Pumps
Midi skirts and li-low hems are trends that I can't get enough of.
When eShakti asked if I wanted to choose something to share on my blog I was all over this dress!  I actually had the dress length customized to mid-calf length (midi!) from the original length of just below the knee.  I love that all of eShakti's pieces are customizable!
A big deciding factor in choosing this dress was that I wanted to be able to pin up the hem (tutorial) to create a hi-low hem as another styling option.  I love having options!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Make It Monday: Design and Sew a Sporty Bikini Top

I've decided that I want to add lap swimming to my weekly workout mixture, so I needed a new bikini that would be super cute, but also functional for swimming laps.  I'm not a fan of one pieces, which I suppose would usually be the go to swim suit for most people who swim laps...but of course I'm not like most people..haha!

After seeing this Mara Hoffman bikini on Pinterest I knew I had to make something inspired by it!
I've put together some instructions on how I drafted my bikini top pattern, along with sewing instructions.

Materials and Supplies
-Sports Bra (for tracing)
-Paper, Pencil, Eraser & Ruler
-Measuring Tape
-Swim Suit Fabric & Lining (about 1/2 yard of each, I used a polyester/spandex knit for the lining)
-Thread to Match
-Chlorine Treated Elastic (1" Wide and 1/4" Wide)
- Sewing Machine

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sewing Sunday: The Printed Fabric Dilemma

A few months ago I ordered a couple silk prints (top, and right in the picture below) intending to make an outfit that would incorporate print mixing.  I've been back and forth with design ideas ever since I received them in the mail.
Then last week I picked up a few more printed fabrics, and when I put them beside the other two fabrics I became even more torn on what to make!
Top- 100% Silk Charmeuse (here)
Originally I was thinking I would make a circle, or full gathered midi skirt so that I could pair it with the polkadot fabric which I would make into a top.  Next I thought maybe a maxi dress with a front slit would be fun, I was thinking something that could be worn by itself, or over pants kinda like this.
Right-  100% Silk Charmeuse (here)
Whatever I make with this fabric needs to be able to be worn with the above fabric.  That's the only reason I bought it.
Bottom-  100% Silk Georgette
This is a sheer fabric....and I have no idea what I want to make with it!  I only bought it because it was on major sale ($6 a meter for silk is unheard of) and I loved the print!
Left-  Polyester Burnt Out Style Lace
This fabric is amazing!  It's like nothing I have ever had before.  In the fabric store I draped it over every colour imaginable to figure out what colour I'd underline it with...it looks amazing with them all!  Which makes for a very hard decision.  Do I put it over a cream fabric or a blue fabric to keep the fabric simple, or do I put it over something fun like coral or pink?
The other issue with this is that I kinda love how this fabric looks with both floral fabrics.  My original thoughts for this fabric was to make a full skirted dress, possibly with a different lace fabric (in the same cream colour) as the top of the dress.  If I make a dress then I don't think I'll be able to wear it with either of the floral prints.

Anyone have some ideas for me?!?  What would you make these fabrics into?

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Life & Changes

Canadian Fashion Blogger, Midi Skirt Outfit
Midi Skirt Outfit, Print Mixing
Midi Skirt, Canadian Fashion Blog, Summer Fashion
Shirt- Self Made
Skirt- Self Made (There's a similar one in my shop, more colours available)
Shoes- Sophia Webster

Call me crazy, but I'm quite loving this mixture of prints and bright colours!

When I first started this blog I thought the only topic I ever wanted to post about was going to be Fashion (which included Fashion DIY's, and Sewing)...I suppose I was wrong.
My love (or is it obsession) of fashion is still going strong, but I have so many other interests that I want to share.
I decided to make myself a weekly blog topic schedule...because I've been pretty horrible lately at keeping things consistent.  I'm going to give myself a two month trial period where I have to stick to the schedule before I'm allowed to even think about going back to my old random ways.

Here is what things are going to look like:

Make it Monday- I'll post a new DIY project, or if I haven't had a chance to make anything, share some favourites from around the web.  This could be fashion, sewing, crafting...anything!

Trendy Tuesday-  This will be a blog post about anything trendy, could be fashion, could be houseware, could be makeup...

Wellness Wednesday-  I'll post about something to do with Fitness and/or Health.  It might be about what types of workouts I've been doing lately...or maybe it will be about healthy snacks I love...who knows!

Tasty Thursday-  I'll share a recipe or share some favourites from around the web....or maybe I'll just talk about food and how much I love it!

Fashion Friday-  This will always be an outfit post of some sort.

Sewing Saturday (or Sunday)-  I'll show off the projects that I'm currently working on, or talk about my ideas/inspiration for future projects.

Here's a peek at the flower girl dress I'm making for Vyla right now :)

I'm going to allow myself one skipped topic per week if I have to...because the chances of me blogging 6 days a week are pretty slim!

I figure it's also time I did a little "life" update...mostly because I did the most random thing ever a few nights ago....
I went to the Rec Center for their Program registration night, to sign Vyla up for Figure Skating...before I got around to signing her up I ended up registering myself to play Hockey!!!
Yep...how Canadian of me!
I've never played actual hockey before...yes I've played street hockey, and pond hockey...but not actual on a team hockey.  It's an all ladies team and they say it's just for fun...so I'm super excited to start that next month...now I just need to go get me some equipment!

On Sunday I'm running another half-marathon (I did the last one 4 weeks ago), it's just a little local one, nothing too crazy.  I'm aiming to finish in under 2 hrs.

I've also just signed on with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate.  With the amount of Essential Oils I use on a daily basis it made perfect sense for me.  You can check out my virtual store here.  
I'm really excited to try some new oils, and come up with some more recipes for all natural beauty products to share with you!

In less than a week we are headed to Seattle for a mini vacation with the Hubby's family (hello Mariners game!), then off to his cousins wedding in Sechelt BC on the 20th, then to see my parents...and a few other pit stops to visit family along the way.

I think that's all for now! haha

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