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Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Jeans Challenge Day 4

So I don't know exactly what I was doing with my neck in the picture below....

Brown Courderoy Blazer- H&M
Green & Cream Dress- H&M
Brown Belt-??
Brown Tights- Winners
Brown Boots- The Shoe Wearhouse

Where: Out for a massage then doing some shopping
Why:  I was going for a massage today and needed to wear something that I could take off easily, so this was perfect.  And by massage I don't mean the nice gentle relaxing massage therapist told me after that I can expect some mild bruising because he "really beat me up".  Sounds like fun eh?
I've noticed that I have been doing alot of subtle texture and pattern mixing lately and I'm absolutly loving it.

Thank you everyone who has left me a comment about my ankle boots I wore yesturday...I will definatly take everything into consideration and try to come up with a dress or skirt outfit in the near future to wear with them.

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