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Friday, January 22, 2010

No Jeans Challenge Day 5

The Stones on the Ring do go all around, you just can't see them at this angle.

Green Jacket- Self Made
Black Sweater- Joe Fresh
White Floral Skirt- RW & Co
Black Tights- Walmart
Belt- Joe Fresh
Ring- Self Made
Shoe Anklets- Self Made

Where: To lunch at the in-laws and out for dinner with friends.
Why: I haven't worn this skirt in years, my husband actually bought it for me all on his own when we were first dating...he even managed to get the size right.  I love the look of white skirts in the winter with black tights so I desided I would try it...some might think the skirt clashes since the dark parts are actually brown...but I think it looks fine.  I desided to work with the green and blues in the print by wearing a green jacket and green and blue ring. 

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