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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not so Boring Black and White

Below is a picture of the right side of the belt.

Black Cardigan- Giant Tiger (It was originally cream, but got stained so I dyed it black)
Black and White Dress-  Self Made
Black Studded Purse- Winners
Green Belt- Zara (Worn inside out)
Pink Tights- ??
Yellow Shoes- Joe Fresh

Where: Picking up a few things in town.
Why:  I originally put a different black and white dress on with these tights..but I had worn that dress a few times lately so desided I should wear something I haven't in a while.  So this dress was perfect since it hadn't been worn since July 7 2007.  I had made this dress as my going away outfit for our wedding and hadn't worn it since..and I don't know why because I absolutly love it.  I designed and sewed this dress myself,  it's hard to see in the pictures, but the waist and the whole back is made of a lot of tucks in the fabric to create the shape of the dress.
I didn't feel like being boring black and white today so I desided to add a few different coloured pieces.  I really love how everything looks together...

Below is a picture of me wearing this dress after our wedding with my Brodylicious.
(For anyone who couldn't figure it out..his name is Brody and he's delicious..haha...nicknamed courtesy of Brianna ...I wish I could take credit tho)

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Also I got a bit of feedback from yesturdays DIY post...and am wondering if I should make DIY a regular feature on this blog (once a week or so).  Let me know what you think..and if you have any DIY tutorials you would like me to post let me know!!