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Friday, January 15, 2010

Pink & Black

Black Trench- Suzy Shier
Black Studded Purse- Winners
Pink Silk Dress- Joe Fresh ($1.94)
Black Cardigan- TJ Maxx
Black Studded Belt- Walmart (5+ years old)
Black Tights- Walmart
Black Booties- DSW
Ring- Aldo

Where: Out for brunch with my husband, baby and some friends, then to Walmart and Home Depot to grab some stuff and then for coffee with my hubby, baby and in-laws.
Why: This dress had been sitting in my closet for over 3 months without ever being worn so I figured it was time...I'm sure everyone who saw me today couldn't figure out why I was dressed up so much when everyone I was with had on hoodies and jeans, or some version of that....but I do like to dress up and never get much chance most outings for me are an excuse to dress up.

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