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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tigers, Snakes and Flowers

Jacket Detail

Belt Detail

Cardigan Ruffle Detail

Printed Jacket- Present from Brother & Sister in-law
Purse- Present from Brianna
Gloves- Joe Fresh
Tiger Print Shirt- Self Made
Black Ruffle Cardigan- Winners
Jeans- Liquidation World (American Eagle found for $15)
Shoes- Winners

Where: Around Town
Why: I didn't have much time to get dressed before leaving the house so I knew I was wearing jeans and I knew I wanted to wear this jacket, so I desided to mix a few prints and textures in a subtle way.  I love how the belt doesn't match the shirt but stands out it a good way.

For some reason I couldn't get my flash to work on the first 2 pictures, sorry they're a bit dark.

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