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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birthday Blah

Today is my 24th birthday and I really don't feel like getting dressed.  Every year I come down with a cold just in time for my birthday....I can go the whole winter without getting sick untill the week of my's starting to get quite annoying!  This year it's not helping that our furnace is not working we had it turned off last night and now today as well.  Our house is actually holding the heat quite well..but I'm still being a I'm going to stay in my comfy clothes as long as I possibly can today, sipping hot tea and watching the winter Olympics.  GO CANADA!!

So hopefully later today I will actually get dressed and do an outfit post!

1 comment:

Brianna said...

Well, Happy Birthday! You always look great no matter what, so oh well. I am starting to think this being sick on your birthday, may be all in your head though! He he!