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Friday, February 26, 2010

Connect the Dots

Can you see my dog hanging out under the couch??
The picture below is an example of what happens when you forget to push the self timer on your camera, and scramble to get into place.  I figured it works as a nice close up of the bottom half of my outfit though.
Cardigan- Giant Tiger (over dyed black)
White Tie Neck  Blouse- Winners
Silk Kensie Skirt- Liquidation World $10
Polka Dot Tights- Joe Fresh
Purple Shoes- Aldo
Bracelet-Present from the In-laws trip to Bahamas

I knew I wanted to wear this skirt, and originally I was just going to wear a simple black turtle neck, black tights and booties, but then desided that would be too plain, so I went through my collection of tights and desided on these ones, then it was time to choose a shirt...I was thinking pink at first, but then I remembered this poor lonely shirt that I had bought this summer and hadn't worn yet.  The tie is meant to be in the back, but because I added a cardigan I figured you wouldn't see it, so I wrapped it around my neck and tied it infront instead. 
 I was going to show a close up of my pretty bracelet, but everyone would of been too distracted by my gross hairy arms...definatly time to do something about excuse for not dealing with it sooner?  It's winter...I needed some insulation...all the meat, potatoes and gravy (and cheesecake for desert) somehow did not make its way to my arms, instead went straight down to my my poor arms get cold! 
If you haven't voted on my challenge for next week please do!!...there's only a few days until it closes.


Brianna said...

What a lovely outfit! Thats a great set of legs you're showing off. Breea is looking very cute sneaking into the photo's as well....

Kristy said...

gorgeous look, very prim and proper :) i have the exact same pumps (in purple AND black) they're the best (especially for work) :D

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Love this outfit!! You look soooo chic!