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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cowgirl Boots

Sorry it's so Blurry
Yes that is a white plastic hanger in this picture
Brown Courderoy Blazer- H$M
Squiggle striped Shirt- Winners
Jeans- Ross
Boots- Winners
Suese Belt- Bootlegger (10+ years old)

I don't know if you noticed but in the top 2 pictures I didn't have the belt wasn't until after I had completed my pictures that I realized my outfit needed a belt there to look better...and of course when I went to take more pictures with the belt on the battery of my camera desided to die leaving me with one crappy blurry picture.
So this outfit might come as a shock to will be sitting on your computer wondering what has gotten into Natasha...the girl who said she could never "do" cowgirl...the girl who cringes at the sound of the word wrangler...gets hives at the thought of plaid flannel shirts... who said she would NEVER marry a cowboy (but yet somehow without realizing it married the biggest redneck of all) after years of fighting it the day had finally come for me to buy my very own pair of cowgirl boots.  Now looking back it was bound to happen eventually considering that my favorite kind of music is country....all my relatives at one point in their life have lived on a farm...all I eat is meat and potatoes (with loads of Gravy of course)..and at one point in my life I even plucked a chicken and didn't even hurl!
Yes I realize that this outfit had very little cowgirl elements to it..but a person has to start some where.  And I have to give my almost sis in-law Katie full credit for me embracing the idea of cowgirl boots!  It also does help that these boots were on sale for $22 at Winners, making them pretty much impossible to turn down.


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

BAHAHA... I almost fell out of my chair laughing at your heading for the day.... then I started reading and I think I peed a little! I have to say that this was my favorite of your posts ever! I love the boots! I was thinking about getting some next days off! So I have to say GOOD STYLE! Its about time you embraced the redneck way of life!

Brianna said...

Funniest post to date. I even read it aloud for a fellow classmate who wondered why in the world I was laughing so much. I remember you telling me about this, still can't believe it though.... you've crossed over to the darkside.... Love it! And the top!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Love all the colors in your top!! very stylish!