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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flower Challenge Day 2

Dress Seaming Details
Pattern used for Dress
60's Floral Dress- Self Made
Longsleeve Black Shirt- Walmart
Studded Belt- Walmart
Orange Tights- The Bay
Cream Booties- Winners

My husband said to me the other day that I have WAY too much clothes and half of them I don't even wear.  So I explained to him that this was part of the reason for doing this that I would have a reason to wear all my clothes.  So today I am wearing one of the many things I never wear.  This dress I made about 2 years ago and have never worn I desided it was time...originally when I made it the hem was about 5" in order to make it more wearable I hacked off 5" of fabric..perhaps if I had made it the right length to begin with it may have gotten alot more use.  The pattern I used to make the dress was one of my grandmothers from the 60's...the pattern is a few sizes bigger than I usually wear, so the dress turned out a bit wider than I like...I was planning on taking it in, but for some reason I was very lazy and didn't bother putting in a zipper, so I had to leave it loose enough to get on.
Earlier I had asked for opinions on how to wear these booties in this post so now I'm asking what do you guys think of these booties with this outfit? did I get it right?? or is my outfit too much?  I think there is alot going on in this outfit...but I think it all works great together...

1 comment:

Brianna said...

love that you're wearing such fun colored tights and showing off these wonderful booties!