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Monday, February 22, 2010

Not a Shirt, Not a Dress

Yes I do realize my nail colours totally clash with my outfit...but for once..I DON'T CARE!
Tunic- TJ Maxx
Leggings- Walmart
Yellow Leather Shoes- Joe Fresh
Bracelet- Ardenes
Ring- Self Made

I bought this tunic last weekend in Spokane...I love the fun print and the colours.  I'm thinking it's becoming quite obvious how much I love abstract prints.  The thing with abstract prints is that it is very important to do them right...otherwise you end up looking like something out of a circus!
Here is a picture of the fabric I mentioned in Saturdays post.  I ended up changing my mind a bit on the dress details...there will be no ruffles.  I'm hoping to finish sewing it together tonight, so I will make sure to post pictures when I'm done!


Joanne said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Let's hear it for Canadian fashion bloggers! I think Jen from Jen loves Kev is an expat Canadian. Other than that, I haven't come across too many others myself but will keep you in the loop if I uncover any more. Would love it if you did the same so we can have a little Canadian community. :)

Happy blogging!


Brianna said...

Gorgeous fabric, can't wait to see the finished product!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just checked out your posts from the last week! Looking good momma! I guess its time for me to get back on my own! Can't wait to see the finished dress. I do have to say, the print reminds me of Chinese New Year! But I like it!... oh, and for some reason I can't remember my password, so I'm signing this as anon... even though its your SIL