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Monday, February 15, 2010

Self Made Challenge Day 1

Skirt Zipper Detail
Black Cardigan- Winners
Printed Cami- Winners
Green Belt- Zara
Black Skirt- Self Made
Pink Tights-??
Shoes- The Shoe Company (J-Lo..found for $13)
Ring- Forever 21
Necklace- Ardene

This weeks challenge will be for me to wear an article of clothing I've made myself each day.  Thank you everyone who voted! I will make sure to post the next challenge options for the week of March 1-8 shortly.
Todays self made item is this black skirt.  I made a basic black skirt and added an exposed metal zipper for the back closure.  I love how it makes such a simple piece of clothing a little bit more interesting.  I wanted to wear coloured tights today so I chose a colourful top that would look good with my hot pink tights.  I was going to wear some black booties today but when I was looking at all my shoes I realized that these shoes would look awesome with my outfit.  Definatly loving how it all looks together.

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Brianna said...

Can't even remember if I voted on this challenge, as I don't want to vote twice.....