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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Self Made Challenge Day 2

Jean back pocket detail
Courderoy Blazer- Suzy Shier
Navy Printed Blouse- Winners
Jeans-Self Made
Gold Flats- Ross (Nine West $13)
Ring- Forever 21

At about 5:30pm I finally made it out of my pjs...I figured it was time to get dressed since my husband is taking me out for supper tonight.  I originally wanted to wear a skirt or dress for my birthday..but I'm just not feeling like it today.
Todays self made item is my jeans.  In college we had a project to knock off a pair of jeans...which meant making a pattern off of a pair of jeans and then sewing them together.  These jeans aren't the actual jeans that I made for the project, but they are made from the same pattern.  My favorite thing about making jeans is designing the back pocket.  I didn't notice untill after I had the jeans on that the colours in the pocket design are the same colours that are in the shirt I'm wearing.
I love love love this Tiger ring...I found it at Forever 21 this weekend and couldn't wait to wear it.  Growing up Tigers were always my favorite fact I always said when I was younger that one day I was going to have a pet Tiger.  Unfortunatly I don't think that will be happening considering my husband is allergic to I guess the next best thing is a funky Tiger ring!


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Haha you crack me up! But I like those jeans!

Taryn said...

Love the jeans Natasha...You amaze me with your talent!! Hope you had a fabulous birthday (despite being sick). I hope I make it back to that area soon so i can see you and meet Vyla! She's a doll!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

very nice work on the jeans, I love all the colors in the back pocket!