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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Self Made Challenge Day 3

Vest Zipper and Stud Details
Black Faux Suede Zipper and Studded Vest- Self Made
Black and Silver Shirt- Winners
Studded Belt- Walmart
Charcoal Tights- Walmart
Over Knee Boots- Steve Madden

I made this vest this summer..and never had a chance to wear it...I didn't really know what to wear it with..well everything that I thought to wear it with looked funny.  I like how it looks with this outfit...perhaps it makes me look a little tough??  I drafted the pattern for this vest by drawing a bunch of lines on my shirt sloper and cutting them out and then taping different pieces together..I still need to add a closure to the front, because right now the only way it stays closed is with a belt.  I couldn't add one at the time I made it because I was pregnant and didn't know how it was going to fit my body after the baby was one day when I'm not feeling lazy I'll do something about that.  I'm thinking just a few hidden hooks and eyes so that you can't see them when I leave it open and when I have it closed.
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Brianna said...

Oh, I love this vest! I really, really really do!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao, the best turned out great! Very cool outfit too!