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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shrugging my Shoulders

Sorry the picture below is so blurry
Jacket- Self Made
Cowl-neck Blouse- Self Made
Gold Shrug- H&M
Jeans- Ross
Boots- Winners
Purse- Winners

So I obviously didn't put too much effort into my outfit today...the reason being I spent most of the morning trying to get our internet working and did a bunch of silly things on our computer that weren't neccessary seeing it was our internet provider that was having problems, not our computer.  When I finally got that figured out and got the child fed I had to run to town to grab some paint...another reason I didn't dress too fancy was because we are going to a hockey game tonight...and this outfit is probably slightly too dressy for that..but I don't care!
So onto a different topic...I wanted to thank everyone who has left me a comment on my blog.  I love getting feedback from everyone as it is quite encouraging and it makes blogging so much more enjoyable knowing that people enjoy what you are doing. 
Don't forget to vote on next weeks challenge!!

1 comment:

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love this outfit! I think you should wear something pink tomorrow (or today) because its the greatest color in the world!