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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wrap Me Up...But Don't Give Me Away

Wrap Top/Jacket- Self Made
Sleeveless Silk Blouse- Liquidation World (Kensie $10)
Jeans- TJ Maxx
Studded Boots- Winners
Bracelet- Dollarama $1
Ring- Ardene

The one nice thing about having a blog where you take (almost) daily pictures of your outfits is that it forces you to dig deep into your closet to keep things original.  I always forget about this wrap top I made...and I don't know why, because I absolutly love how it looks on.  This is one of the shirts I bought recently...It's one of those things I couldn't pass up when it was only $10..but if it was much more I probably wouldn't of bought it...but I am glad I did, because I love how lightweight and comfortable it is, and love the piping details on the seams.
My Husband has went away snowmobiling this weekend, and took our good camera with him (well technically I did buy it for him) I had to take these pictures with my old camera..and I was quite plesantly surprised at how well they turned out...infact I think I will continue to use this camera because there wasn't a single blurry picture taken today..infact all the pictures I took I posted, unlike the other camera it takes me forever to get good pictures.  Here I thought this camera had died a long long time ago (the lens wouldn't open for the longest time)..apparently it has a second life...hopefully it's like a cat and will have 9 because I'm much to cheap to buy a new one.

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