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Thursday, March 25, 2010

100th Post

Cream Cardigan- TJ Maxx
Navy Silk Dress- Joe Fresh ($1.98)
Geometric Belt- Zara (The brown belt I always wear inside out seen here, here, and here...I also have it in green)
Brown Knee Socks- Joe Fresh
Cowgirl boots- Winners
Brown Blazer (In picture below)-H&M

For some strange reason I rarely ever wear this belt the right way...likely because it's quite bold and looks best with solids...and I'm not super crazy about the colours...don't get me wrong..I like them..I'm just more of a pink and tourquois girl than a red and grass green one.  I had to fold these socks down a few times because the top of them is a pukish oatmeal colour..,and it just did not look good with this outfit.
It's quite strange how fast 100 blog post goes by...I realize not all my post were of outfits but quite a few are..and somehow I managed no duplicates.  I'm usually the Queen of duplicates..I find a few favorite outfits and then go between them..and it results in the majority of my clothes sitting there un-worn.  I'm sooo glad I'm finally over that!!  So thank you to everyone who reads this blog and encourages me to keep going with days would be extremely boring without "blogging"..and the fabulous blogfriends I've made along the way!!

The Picture below is how I changed up my outfit as the weather got a bit cooler...removed the cardigan and replaced it with a blazer...I was hoping to just throw the blazer on over top..but it looked quite funny with my white "wings" peeking out the bottom!!


Kimberellie said...

This is my fav outfit yet! I love how you styled it. And yea on your 100th post! Yea!! Oh, and 1.98 for that dress?-gotta love Joe!!


Kate said...

I love joe fresh, I do a walk-through every time I do groceries! great deal on the dress, and love your belt!

Brianna said...

Ah, Joe Fresh... gotta love it! This dress is awesome.. you should wear the socks and show us just how pukish this oatmeal color is. I'm curious now....