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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Biggest Sin

Cardigan- TJ Maxx
Dress- Winners
Belt- Winners
Socks- Joe Fresh
Shoes- Old Navy $10ish

About 2 years ago I recall telling my Mother in-law that wearing socks with sandals was pretty much the biggest (fashion) sin a person could commit.  So I'm sure you all can imagine her surprise when I showed up at her house wearing *gasp* socks with sandals...I knew she would be much too nice to say anything so I said "how do you like my socks?"..she replied "ya...what's with that!?!" I mentioned something about how this look was much different from wearing athletic socks with sandals...and she replied "so what you're doing is ok because it kind of makes it look like you're wearing boots"...EXACTLY!!!! I think my work here is complete..she has passed the test and now I am free to move far far away!!
Now onto the outfit...I love everything about it!!  I knew I wanted to wear my black knee socks but was originally planning on wearing them with booties..then I remember these shoes and desided it was time for me to test out the whole socks with sandals look.  The only thing that was a little strange was that my foot slipped a bit more in my shoes with the socks on..but it was easy enough to get used to.  This dress is one of my favorites..I love all the colours in it..and I love how it ties in black with brown..which allowed it to match these shoes perfectly.  This is definatly one of my new favorite looks....this is a look I though my hubby would hate...but it was not the case...I don't think I've ever heard him give me so many compliments in one day....apparently he's one of the many guys who are suckers for knee highs!


Daphne said...

Love the look. You go girl trying out that look. I did couple weeks ago with pink socks in black sandals. Very bold. Got lots of looks on the street. I love it though. Just recently bought a black pair to do a similar look like yours. Like the whole outfit.

Brianna said...

Okay, I've been considering it for a while... But now you have me convinced to cross over to the dark side and wear socks with sandals.....You just make it look that good!