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Friday, March 12, 2010

Black & White (with green eyes)

Studded Black Blazer- Winners
Black and White Dress- Ross
Belt- Winners
Grey Tights- Joe Fresh
Black Shoes- Ross
Tiger Ring- Forever 21

Ok so the green eyes part of my title seems to not make sence since it's impossible to see that my tiger ring has green eyes...but I have green eyes as well..but I'm sure that's impossible to see also. 
This blazer I bought about a month back and was soo excited about it..but I've been having a very hard time trying to find something to wear it with.  I think the biggest problem is its akward length.  I desided to cross it over in the front and belt it into place so it fit a bit tighter since it's a bit loose in the waist.  I wanted to wear heels with this outfit...but when you're lugging around a 14lb 7.5oz baby (plus the weight of the carseat thingy) it's just not as easy to wear heels...unless you are pushing them in a stroller..but I'm always too lazy to pull that out when I'm just running into places quickly. 


Leah said...

You still look great even in flats... I love the outfit. The ring is awesome! xoxo

Kimberellie said...

Looks good! Love it belted like that. Great blazer! Yeah, those carseat thingys are terrible! SO HEAVY. We just stopped hauling him around in it at one point and just started hauling him around (though now he is about 20 pounds and really heavy by himself!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the ring!!