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Friday, March 5, 2010

Canadian Fashion Bloggers

For quite some time I had been trying to find more Canadian Fashion Bloggers...and I have now finally gathered a decent sized list of Canadian Fashion Blogs...I think everyone should check them out!!

and last but not least of the fashion fabulous friend Briannas blog
(Brianna made the fabulous Red Jacket she is wearing in this picture)

One more blog worth checking out is run by my Brilliant Sister in-law Corrine.   It is more geared towards beauty.. She tests out all sorts of recipes for face masks, and all sorts of lotions and make-up demonstrations and a bunch of other fabulous things!

Also for any of you Canadian Fashion Bloggers that have facebook...I recently discovered a group called "Canadian Fashion Bloggers" definatly check that out as well!!

If you know of any other Fabulous Canadian Fashion Blogs that I should check out please let me know!!


Kimberellie said...

What a cool idea! My Canadian heart is honoured (and warmed to be on this list!). I am starting up a list of "mom" Now I must go and check out my fantastic fellow Canadians!

thanks for the list!

Kimberellie said...

ps. I'm starting a list of mom fashion bloggers (as a link on my blog) do you want to be on it?

Fifth Sparrow said...

Wow, thank you so much for including me on your list! That completely made my day! I'm so glad to find more proudly stylish and canadian women such as yourself! I will be checking out all these blogs now...can't wait!

Brianna said...

Yay! Go Canadian girls! Who said we all live in igloos and wear furs still? Great to see so many stylish and lovely ladies out there. Very cool to be on your list too Nash! Thanks!

RETRO REVA said...

I just found your blog through minjacloset! Love your style. Can I move to Canada and hang with such fashionable people ? I am from Cincinnati, Ohio and really find myself gravitating towards the North!
;) Stop by sometime! I love to meet new fashionistas from different areas and talk "shop"! Retro Reva

Mo said...

Great Links!!!!
I'm a Curvy Girl fashion blogger from Halifax, NS

Corinne Monique said...

I love this list!! Thanks for posting it :)

Corinne xo

Kirsten Wendlandt said...

Nice to see a group of Canadian fashion blogs!! I just started my own fashion blog based out of Edmonton, Alberta