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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DIY Headband

Here are the instructions on making your own feather headband.
It is seriously one of the simplest things to make...took me hardly anytime at all!
Materials Needed
-Small Feathers (For mine I used 6 in total)
-Plain thin headband (I found a pack of 6 metal ones at the dollar store for $1)
-2 Large Decorative Beads (optional)
-Craft Glue (I used Shoe Gloo)
-Small Piece of Fabric
-Matching Thread

(If you are using smaller feathers you will need to make more layers and use more feathers per layer...these instructions only show how I made my headband..but there are endless ways to be creative on this project)

1. Cut out a piece of fabric in a tear drop shape slightly smaller than you want the finished product to be.
2. Arrange the top layer of feathers and glue down (I used 2 feathers for this layer)
3. Arrange the second layer of feathers and glue down (I used 3 feathers for this layer)
4. Arrange the third layer of feathers and glue down (I used one feather for this layer)
If you are not using a strong glue you can hand sew the feathers down around the base of the feather.

5. Trim the feathers to get your desired shape (Not shown)
6. Choose something to put at the bottom of the feathers...I used 2 large leaf shaped beads. Other options are decorative buttons, silk flowers, old brooch...etc
I glued mine on and then hand sewed it into place so it was more sturdy.
7. Hand sew feather piece onto head band...I did a long angled stitch.
If you want you can glue it on as well to keep it in place better...I didn't do this because I wanted to have the option to adjust where the feathers sit on the head band by sliding it up and down.

Now you're done!!
Wasn't that easy?!?!


Brianna said...

How fun! Definitely going to try this!!!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Wao!! great idea! It turned out great, congrats!