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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Give it a Twirl and a Whirl

Black Cardigan- Giant Tiger (Over Dyed Black by me)
Gold Dress- Present from Brianna (H&M)
Printed Skirt- Self Made (DIY Instructions to come)
Wide Belt- Target
Purple Tights??
Shoes- The Shoe Company (J-Lo $13)

When I love an outfit this much it's hard not to post a gazillion pictures of it.   This has got to be my favorite outfit to date.  I love love love love love it!!!  This skirt is the DIY project I was hinting at a few posts back.  It is seriously one of the easiest things to if you have a sewing machine you have make one!!  I plan on getting the DIY post up this weekend. 
I knew I wanted to wear this skirt...and I have been inspired lately by so many people wearing skirts over and under I had been dying to try it..I didn't know if I had any dresses that would work..but I think this one was perfect.  I realize the gold in the dress is a lot lighter than the gold on the skirt...but it still works.  This is the dress that I wore to Briannas 70s Themed Birthday Party a few years back (I can't get over how tanned I look in that picture)..and I hadn't worn the dress since...bad me..because I love it..but when I am as pasty as I am right now it just doesn't look as good on..hence the purple tights!
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1 comment:

Leah said...

You made that skirt? It's fabulous. I wish I have your skills and creativity.