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Monday, March 1, 2010

Head Accessory Challenge Day 1

I have to say I am quite thrilled that this is the challenge my wonderful readers chose for me this week!!  So thank you everyone who voted!!  The reason I'm thrilled is because I almost NEVER wear accessories on my head...I love how things look on other people...and I've tried things myself and like how they look..but its one of those things I forget to put on. husband makes fun of me when I wear hats...and most head bands give me head aches...although I think they are finally starting to make headache friendly ones. 
Today my head accessory of choice is a scarf wrapped around my head like a headband.
Yes the dog is under the couch again.  She pretty much hangs out there all day.
Gold Shrug- H&M
Floral Ruffle Halter Dress- Winners
Brown Belt- Zara (worn inside out)
Purple Tights- Joe Fresh
Cowgirl Boots- Winners
Metallic Scarf- Ardenes

With our fabulous Mens Hockey team winning Gold yesturday (GO CANADA!!!) it was only fitting that I wore some gold in my outfit!
I have to say this is definatly one of my favorite outfits yet!  This poor dress has been sitting in my closet since last spring.  I bought it when I was first pregnant because I figured it would work really good in the summer...but then as summer came I desided it made me look too wide (I wonder why I would possibly think I looked wide while preggo)...but even now I think it makes me look wide...but not when I wear it like this.  It just does a weird thing at the chest when its worn by itself.  I'm so pleased with how well it worked to belt this shrug...will definatly be trying that out more!...and how cute are my cowboy boots with this outfit?? Shoulda gave in sooner I suppose.


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love that scarf in your hair! I always think I look like a clown with stuff in mine! But hopefully you give us some good tips!

I was just thinking... you have an awful lot of stuff too by the way, and it all goes together. My closet is a hodge podge of random things that just don't go together! lol... maybe you'll have to teach me the ways of a true fashionista!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit!! the dress is gorgeous and it looks so feminine and sophisticated with the beige jacket! love this!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love your dress and nice brown boots!

Brianna said...

How fantastic you look! This dress is gorgeous and just what I've been envisioning for spring! I do love those boots...