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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Head Accessory Challenge Day 3

Sorry this picture below turned out so blurry!
Black Cardigan- Winners
Blue Silk Kensie Dress- Liquidation World $15
Black Lace Tights- Winners (Approx 4 years Old)
Booties- DSW
Feather Headband- DIY Headband Project
Blue Ring- Self Made

I desided to make a feather headband so I could use it for this challenge and also so I could do another DIY post using it.  I orignally wanted to make one with black feathers, but I didn't have enough so I used 2 shades of blue.  This outfit was built around my headband.  The reason that my cardigan is buttoned up at the top is because this dress is doing very weird things around my chest and I was afraid my girls would pop out at any moment.  Thank goodness I sew and can likely fix that..but was much too lazy to today.  This dress is so pretty on it's own tho...I love the basket weave around the waist so much!  These lace tights I used to wear all the time when I first found them...infact I had ended up buying 2 pairs because I loved them so much...unfortunatly due to being worn so much they are starting the accumulate large holes that don't blend in....thankfully this dress is long enough to hide them...I am not ready to retire them yet.


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Cute! I actually really love this color on you!

Second Skin said...

I read through all of your recent posts here and think your head wear challenge is going so well! Your DIY project makes me feel so silly for actually BUYING a feather headband for more than I care to disclose. And it gave me the idea that you can virtually make one out of any fabric pieces really and beads and feathers and bows! Wow! Thanks for the inspiration! You are such a beautiful woman! Glad to see yo are keeping at it!

Kimberellie said...

I like it! I am wearing very similiar tights today! Hey, I live in BC too! With a baby and a husband as well!

mom fashion bloggers UNITE! or MFBU for short. ;-)


Brianna said...

You look ravishing in blue! So gorgeous, and a spectacular job on the DIY project yet again!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

The dress is so beautiful! and it looks so chic with the patterned tights!