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Friday, March 5, 2010

Head Accessory Challenge Day 5

Black Dress- Smart Set
Blue Tights- Joe Fresh
Purple Shoes- Aldo
Butterfly Brooch- ??
Lace in Hair- Fabric Store

My Husband said to me "Get that Doily off you Head!"...I didn't listen..and I informed him that it was actually a piece of lace.
I love this dress so's the most comfy easiest thing to wear...the only problem is that I constantly have to pull the top part up because my bra is always peeking I was fiddling with the top of my dress and was thinking how much better it would be if the shoulders were pulled up a I was pulling it in all sorts of directions and eventually came up with the idea to put a brooch at the base of my neck to make something that resembled a cut out.  I was quite thrilled with the results and will definatly be brooching it in the future because I have been forever loving dresses with cut-outs in the back, and have been meaning to make one for quite some time!
As for the "doily" on my head..I had wanted to try using a piece of lace as a headband...this one was in my belt drawer because I use it as a sash.  I like how it looks in the front..not sure how crazy I am about it in the back tho..I had to tie it around my hair because when I had my hair down it stuck out all funny.  I'm sure if my hair was longer it would work great!


Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

Super cute! I'm not a fan of the back, I'd put your hair in a pony tail and then tie it underneath. If thats what you did, then I'm a moron and should go visit my optometrist! I also like the broach idea! Super cute!

Kimberellie said...

Okay, this is my FAVORITE yet! You are brilliant! You look beautiful. I must must try this!


Brianna said...

Love the "doily"! Silly boys... Great idea with the brooche.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

I looooove this outfit! Probably one of my favs! I love the pop of blue from the tights. And the lacey headband is such a cute detail!