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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Head Accessory Challenge Day 7

Back of Shirt Detail
Black Shirt- JC Penny
Floral Skirt- Made by my Mom
Black Tights-??
Cream Booties- Winners
Black Felt Hat- Joe Fresh

I just found this skirt buried away in the basement a few days ago.  I had picked out the fabric many years ago and my mom whipped me up a skirt out of it.  I'm glad I re-discovered it because I am quite loving it!  I'm feeling quite lazy today...infact I didn't get dressed until 4:00 this afternoon...and if we weren't going for supper I probably wouldn't of even got dressed today.  It feels good to finally be dressed tho...the longer it takes me to get dressed in the day the more blah I end up feeling..and I get less done. 
 I will say that I did have a productive(ish) weekend.  I was able to cross one thing off my "To Make" list.  I had been thinking about making some shoe add ons for awhile now...and I got the brilliant idea to try making over the knee I finally made them yesturday..and I am sooo pleased with how they turned out.  I will post a few pictures below, but the pictures aren't the greatest.  I will hopefully debut them in an outfit next week.
I made them out of faux suede, they have a zipper that opens from the bottom going most of the way up the the back, and there is an elastic insert in the back at the top so they fit nice as snug at the top of the leg, they also have a small elastic piece that goes under the shoe.  I plan on making another pair out of some vinylish material...I think I need to adjust the pattern slightly so they are a bit tighter around the bottom of my leg.  (These ones were my test subjects...but I'm quite please with how they turned out) 


Kimberellie said...

Okay, those boot things: coolest idea EVER! Must try this! (if I ever get motivated enough, that is). Also, love this outfit. The booties are totally wicked. and the skirt is such a great pattern!



Brianna said...

The photo was not done justice on my tiny little mobile screen, the spats turned out amazing! Also, wicked outfit, still jealous of those booties!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Love this look!! The floral skirt is so bright and beautiful. And that hat looks super cute on you!

Anonymous said...
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