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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Glasses

Here's a pic of my new (part time use) glasses.  I think they're fun.

Today Vyla is 5 months old.  It's crazy how fast time goes by.  She's going to be crawling sooo soon.  She's at the stage where she gets her whole body up and rocks forward...then lets out some frusterated grunts when she's not getting anywhere..then she goes back to rolling around/pulling herself with her arms.  I'm constantly finding her in strange places (under chairs, under her dresser, under her crib, half way under the couch...etc)

This picture was taken 2 days ago...she's under her crib.

The rest of the pics were taken today.


Kimberellie said...

Ooo, she's SO CUTE!! And look at all that HAIR! Also, I love your glasses. Very chic. Those babies, hey? Mine pulls himself up and cruises about but can't get down very well (he's 11 months) so he holds out his hand and says: "all done" and waits for me to come help him to the ground!! I, of course, oblige him. ;-)

Leah said...

She's adorable... I wish I had a baby girl too. I only have boys and they are no longer babies.

I love your new glasses... it framed your face beautifully.

PS... I saw you in Kimberellie's mom's unite blogroll. xoxo