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Monday, March 15, 2010

Red Challenge Day 1

Leather Jacket- Zellers
Black Cardigan- Self Made
Dress- Self Made (shown here)
Wine Tights- Joe Fresh
Studded Boots- Winners

So it's looking like almost everyone wants me to get over my hatred of the colour red.  Looking through my closet I realized I actually have quite a bit of clothes that has red in's just very rare to find something completly red(but I will try to wear more mostly red items in the next few days).  The funny thing about my pieces of clothing that Red is the main colour in...I sewed them all I guess I can't hate that colour all that much...perhaps I just don't like "store bought" red...haha.
So on Saturday about an hour after I had completed my DIY post our computer screen decided to die...I was devastated...I didn't know how I would survive without a computer...but my Daddy came to the Dad is like magic...whenever something of mine breaks he always seems to have all the solutions.  The only problem is he lives over an hour away..but luckily he was coming here today for a he brought us a spare computer screen he had.  Now that I look at our computer..almost half of it's parts actually belong to my parents.  This summer our CD/DVD player on the computer quit he had some contraption that he hooked up to the computer that fixed that problem..and then our web-cam is from him (so my parents could watch/talk to Vyla on Skype)..and now the computer screen.  Thank goodness for Dads.

There will be no vote for my next wardrobe challenge (March 29-April 4) because I have come up with a brilliant one...but you will have to wait and see!!
Thank you everyone who voted on this challenge...and thank you everyone who leaves me fabulous comments.  Comments seriously make my day (well as long as their positive..which they all have been) keep them coming!!!

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Brianna said...

Love the print on this dress. I do hope you're going to wear a lot more red later on in this challenge though. Obviously not anything "store bought". You're so funny!