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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Red Challenge Day 3

Vest Fabric Detail
Navy Vest- Self Made
Floral Shirt- Self Made
Jeans- Ross
Brown Boots- Aldo

OK so everyone seemed to think yesturdays shirt was orange...but I will say there is definatly lots of red in just appeared alot oranger in the pictures.  Bascially the flowers went from dark red to an orangeish red. 
Now onto todays red....there are 2 different red flowers on this goes from bright red to orange and the other goes from bright red to cream...both are VERY red so don't argue with me!!!!..haha.  Since today is St.Pattys day I didn't feel like having strangers feel the need to pinch me so I chose a top that had both red and green in it.  Usually I HATE red and green together....even at christams time!!..but this green is a nice soft green that looks lovely with the shades of red in this top.  This fabric I also found in the bargain another fabulous top that cost a few dollars to make!!  This fabric is seriously so's a rayon it wrinkles quite easy..but I think it's quite fabulous.  I drafted the pattern for this shirt taking ideas from a few different patterns I owned.  I was much to lazy to add buttons in the back or a zipper so it ties at the back neck.  My husband hates this shirt...most likely because it's not low cut or tight..haha...but I love it!
The vest I'm wearing has a slight plaid to technically I'm mixing prints...but very subtley.
OK so I realize that my Red challenge isn't turning into me wearing full on red articles of clothing....but the only all red item of clothes I own is fancy dress...and I have no where to wear it..and I don't think it's going to work in this inbetween weather because it's too cold to wear on it's own..and too hot to wear with a cardigan...oh what a dilema!!


Kimberellie said...

Wow! You are one awesome seamstress! I LOVE that top! Such a great pattern! I love how you've styled it, too!

You're awesome.

Alluring Bath & Beauty said...

I love this outfit! Its tres chic! But I agree, you should go shopping and buy something red for day 7 of this challenge! Head to toe red, and it will make up for all of the orangey red all week so far! Yes, I know, I'm brilliant!

I also think you should dress Vyla in red so that she can match you. It could be a mommy and me challenge just like on project runway this past week!

Brianna said...

Yes, definitely red today, and not Christmas like at all with the red and green. I had forgotten all about that little issue of yours. Still funny! Whats next, you eating ese food????