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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Red Challenge Day 6

Dress- H&M
Black Long Sleeve T- Walmart
Black Tights- Walmart
Studded Boots- Winners
Necklace- Self Made

I Love this dress...mostly due to the fact that it has a fabulous abstract it makes me happy.  I also had this dress in green (the same one Brianna wore on St. Pattys day).
So I'm not feeling any better today but I figured I can go into a bit more detail on our move.  We are moving to a super small community in Northern British Columbia called's pretty much out in the "boonies"...not so great for a fashion lover like myself.  The reason we are moving is so that my hubby can work for BC Hydro instead of working for a contractor.  It's a smart move..but it will definatly be a bit of an adjustment.  Here in Cranbrook we have Brodys parents in town and his Grandma...and my parents lived just over an hour we are moving 13 hours from them....thank goodness Brody has 2 sets of Uncles and Aunts that live there.  There are alot of things that need to be done before we move (which I am obviously putting off since I'm sitting on the computer).  The list seems to go on and on...wash walls, paint a few walls, wash trim, paint alot of trim, steam clean carpets, wash windows and doors, clean EVERYTHING, get house put up for sale, pack (thank goodness we are getting a paid move so the moving people can help with that), find a house to buy and then move :(.  The worst part of the whole deal is that Brody is going to be leaving next Sunday because he starts work next I'm going to be all by my lonesome..well with Vyla of course.  OK enough venting I have lots to do!!! 


Krislyn said...

most in love with the studded boots! they add a nice edge.

Brianna said...

Love these dresses.....