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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red Challenge Day 7

Brown Blazer- H&M
Yellow/Red Shirt- Winners
Brown Belt- Zara (worn inside out)
Jeans- Ross
Boots- The Shoe Warehouse
Ring- Ardenes

Sorry to all those who wanted to see more Red in this challenge...I just wasn't feeling it this week....and in order to wear more red I would of had to buy alot more clothes..and I just don't feel like buying red doesn't make me as happy as other colours do.  I will say that I do love this shirt...the red is more of a burnt red shade...which of course is looking very orange in these pictures...I think that when there's yellow with the red it ends up looking orange.  I'm thinking now that my cowgirl boots would of looked much better with this outfit..but for some reason I keep forgetting that I own them.
I'm not too sure how steady my postings are going to be for awhile due to us moving...I will say I very highly doubt I will have time for any DIY posts in the near all depends on how quickly we can sell our house here and find one up north.  I can't wait until everything is figured out and done with so I won't have a perma headache..and can hopefully get some sleep at night!!!!


Daphne said...

Very uplifting top. Love the clean lines of the belt. We have our house on sale as well, so I can relate to the stress. Good luck to you.

Tracy said...

This is so cute! You look great :) Nice to meet another mom fashion blogger ;)

Mom Daughter Style said...

you're a beautiful mommy. i love most of the outfits that you wear.