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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She crawls!

Cardigan- TJ Maxx
Yellow Blouse- Winners
Jeans- Liquidation World (American Eagle $15)
Gold Flats- Ross (Nine West $12)
Maroon Belt- H&M

This outfit started from the ground up...I knew I wanted to wear these I pulled out these jeans and went from there.  The only problem I have with this outfit is I feel it make me look a little wider...I'll blame it on the large ruffles on this shirt and the fact that these jeans are much too loose.
Now for the title of this post.  Vyla is officially crawling at 5 months 19 days (It was officially yesturday).   She's been working on it for about a month started with her using her legs to push herself around in circles...then she would pull herself a little bit with her arms..and eventually she got up on all fours and was rocking (she done that about 3 weeks)..and now she has the motion all figured out.  I'm sure in a few days I'll be chasing her all over the living room..right now it's a bit slow going..but she's definatly crawling forward....and she has red circles on her knees to prove it!!  I'm such a proud mama!!
She wanted to show off her rolling skills in these no crawling pics...


Krislyn said...

i LOVE the yellow floral top and the cinched waist you achieved with the belt. you look so chic!

Kerri said...

i love this outfit! you definitely do not look wide. vyla is adorable!!

Brianna said...

Holy cow is Vyla getting big! Also funny you're wearing your purple belt, because I wore my green belt that we got from H & M!

Second Skin said...

I don't think you look wide at all! You look fantastic! The yellow blouse with those jeans and belted cardigan are great with those shoes. And congratulations on your little crawler! Oh man! A whole new world of parenting just opened! So fun!

Daphne said...

congrats on your little one crawling. At such an early age too. Both my kids didn't crawl till after 11 mos!

Coco said...

I've never seen anybody pull of bootcut trousers the way you do. They really suit you.