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Monday, April 12, 2010

Balls of Yarn

Sweater- Winners
Printed Blouse- Self Made
Cream Long Sleeve T-Walmart
Jeans- Hollister
Booties- DSW

I absolutly love this sweater, but I don't wear it often because it's quite scratchy so I have to make sure that I wear a full layer underneath in order to be comfortable.  It has some fun details down the side of the sleeves, and I love the big bottons down the front.  These jeans would be the perfect bootcut jeans ever if only they were a bit higher in the waist...they are so low that whenever I wear a belt with them (which I have to do in order to keep them up) the belt goes all wonky at the top (basically the belt loops stay where they're supposed to be and the waist band pulls below the belt...not attractive).  So whenever I wear these jeans I'm constantly pulling at the waist band...not fun at all!!


Kimberellie said...

Such a nice cardi. I'm a sucker for a great cardigan! Too bad about the pants not being perfect. I guess you will just have to go buy some perfect jeans. I mean you need them, right? (yes, I am shopping enabling you via the internet).


Nicole Jarecz said...

love the sweater too, too bad its scratchy!

Denise said...

i love the knit cardigan. And the wrap around belt is cool too. you are a gorgeous mom.

I am Denise Katipunera

Daphne said...

Like the cardigan. Sorry about the pants. I hate when I have to pull up on the waistband.