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Friday, April 16, 2010

A bit Biker again...

Purple Abstract Dress- Self Made
Zipper and Studded Faux Suede Vest- Self Made
Belt- Winners
Leggings- Walmart
Over Knee Boots- Steve Madden
Ring- Self Made (Buy it Here)

So apparently I have a little Biker Chic in me.  After reading yesturdays post my Husband texted me saying he was thinking we should buy a an attempt to get a rise out of me...So tomorrow morning Vyla and I fly away to go see him for a week.  I'm quite looking forward to that.....I'm just hoping that Vyla will be good to fly with...she is seriously the best behaved baby ever, but I worry about how her ears will do during the flight since ear infections are a problem on both sides of the family.
Because I knew for awhile that I would be going away for a week...and not have access to a computer I saved up a few outfits on days that I didn't do a, outfit post...which means yesturdays outfit was not worn yesturday, but a few days ago instead...and this outfit was worn a few days ago as well...I hope you don't feel too cheated on...because I have worn all these outfits!!!  So with that said the posts that appear here in the next week will be scheduled posts of outfits I did wear...being shown a few days too late.


Kimberellie said...

You are just so talented! Have fun with your husband! Love the dress!!!


Daphne said...

Absolutely love that vest. The outfit looks great. Wow, you are throughly organized which makes me feel normal. During the days I travel, I won't have any posts either. I fly midday so hoping I will have time to at least post my travel outfit which will be on me for 24+ hours of our trip! Hope you have a great time with your hubby.

Margaret said...

I am so in love with your boots :O :O :O
loving the blog miss
stop by some time xx

Brianna said...

Loving the edgey looks!