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Monday, April 5, 2010

Brass Knuckles

Gold Shrug- H&M
Wine Blouse- Self Made
Brown Belt- Zara (Worn inside out)
Jeans- Liquidation World (American Eagle $9)
Shoes- Nine West
Double Finger Ring- Self Made (DIY Double Finger Ring)

OK so technically it's not a brass knuckle..but I'm sure that's what many clueless men would call it....I made this ring this weekend...I will be posting some DIY instructions later this week.
Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend.  I didn't do too much...unfortunatly mine wasn't sooo enjoyable...holidays aren't so fun when your hubby is 13hrs yes Brody I miss you muchly!!  Usually when Brody is away for longish periods of time I would go hang out with my parents..but they're away in Arizona...luckily my In-laws are around so I was able to hang out with them...and be fed a delicious Turkey Dinner!!  Plus Vyla is keeping me quite entertained.


Brianna said...

I'm intrigued my this ring, I look forward to seeing the DIY post!

Daphne said...

Very cool ring indeed. Sorry you are so lonely. Hope some fun is in your horizon and time passes quickly.

Kimberellie said...

You are so talented! Too bad you don't live nearby! It would be so cool to get together and make stuff!! Love the shirt! Such a great outfit as usual!