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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 2 & 3

I'm back!!!

Day 2
Gold Shrug- H&M
Floral Ruffle Halter Dress- Winners
Gold Flats- Ross
Brown Belt- ??

This picture was taken on the deck of Brodys Uncle and Aunts House overlooking the lake.  I'm quite excited about doing lots of boating this summer because last summer I was preggo and wasn't able to I'm quite thrilled that I will have access to boating all summer..the only downside is the fact that this lake is FREEZING COLD!! I think I might have to invest in a wet suit!

Day 3
Olive/Black SilkdBlouse- Liquidation World (Kensie $10)
Cream Jeans- Winners
Gold Flats- Ross
Black Belt- Winners

In  Chetwynd there are Wood Chain Saw Carvings all over the place.  I think they actually hold a competition there?  I told Brody I wanted my picture taken with the Viking....but when I got closer to it I realized it's actually a Native American...and now when I look at the picture I see that theirs some type of Asian I'm starting to think that I actually have no idea what it is!!

My trip went well...Vyla was a great Flyer, except on the first flight home she was absolutly horrible for the first half hour...she was fighting falling asleep...and no matter what I did she kept was SOOO embarrassing...the man in front of me at one point suggested I try rubbing her temples...that didn't work..then she was rolling around all crazy and kicked at my tray that had my drink on the man across the aisle from me held my drink for me...then the Flight Attendant came over and told me if I needed to walk around with her to go ahead...ughhhh...but I managed to survive....I just have to be grateful that that is not a regular occurance!

When I finally was able to check my emails last night I saw that I had made my first Etsy sale ever!!  (And it was made only an hour before I checked) needless to say I was quite excited!!  I would REALLY like to do a give away on my blog since that seems to be the cool thing to do (and because I won Cadences Mama's giveaway...which I can't wait to get!!)...but before I do one I would like to have a few more followers so that there's a little more competition!! please help me out...because you know you want free stuff!!

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Daphne said...

Welcome back and thank you for all the nice comments on my past posts. My babies always had the same problem crying like crazy before falling a sleep the first part of the flight, so I felt your pain. Love the looks especially day 2. Congrats on the Etsy sale.