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Saturday, April 10, 2010

DIY Double Finger Ring

Here are the instructions on making your own Double Finger Ring.  They are extremely easy to make and you can be quite creative in their design.
Materials Needed
-Oven Bake Clay (I used Black Sculpey)
-2 adjustable ring bases (I used ones with a single loop on the can find them at
-A couple colours of metallic nail polish
-Baking Sheet
-Sheet of Tin Foil

1.  Knead clay in your hands until it's easy to mold.  Then make your design.  What I did was make a shape that would fit comfortably across 2 of my knuckles and then I started pinching it in different places to give it some texture at the top.  Make sure that you leave the clay thick enough to cover any loops or discs on the rings (loops or flat discs at the top of the ring is good for giving the clay something to hold onto so that the ring won't pull out when it's baked).
2.  Flip your clay upside down and push your rings into the back having the rings slightly touching at the sides.
(Sorry these pics are sooo blurry..I'm in need of a new Camera)
3. Take a small piece of clay and put it across (perpendicular to the ring) the part of the ring that is touching the clay.  Use your fingers or a small spatula like tool to smooth this clay down making sure to score and blend it in so it won't ever fall off.  (Hard to explain..sorry)  This is to reinforce the rings in place.
4. Place your ring onto the baking sheet (which you will line with aluminum foil), and bake according to the instructions on the clay packaging.
5. When your ring has cooled off use your metallic nail polish to paint as desired.  For the squarish ring I made I used a gold nail polish and one that is purple but looks green or gold from different angles.  For the other ring I used a light silver and a pewter grey.  What I did was randomly swiped some polish on and then used a q-tip to smear it around...and blend the colours.

There are many ways that you can get creative while making these rings because you are using clay.  You could make different shapes (animals, leafs, flowers...) You could add rhinestones or beads (Make sure they are glass not plastic or they will melt when you bake them)  You could add dangling chains...the options are endless!!

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Kimberellie said...

You are so clever! I love all your great ideas!!