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Saturday, April 3, 2010

DIY Easter Necklace

So I thought I wasn't going to have time to do any DIY posts for a few weeks but apparently I was wrong.  Last night I was bored and lonely and started playing around with the Fimo I bought the other day and started making colourful beads and soon I had an idea for a fun necklace.  It wasn't until my project was complete that I realize alot of the beads resembled easter eggs...hence the name.

Materials Needed

-Oven Bake Clay in a Few Colours
-Metal Chains (Enough for 4 strands long enough to go around your neck)
-Jump Rings (Small metal rings to attach eyepins to the chain)
-Eye Pins (Approx. 1" long)
-1 Lobster Clasp
-Needle Nose Pliers
-Sheet of Aluminum Foil
-Baking Sheet

Sorry I didn't take many pictures as I was making this but everything was very easy to do!!

1.  Use your needle nose pliers to bend the bottom of the eye pin.  This is so that it won't slip out of the clay after it's been baked (it gives it a bit of shape to hold onto).
Sorry the picture is so blurry...the eye pin on the right has had the bottom part bent up.
2.  Play with your clay until it gets nice and soft and then break off a small piece and wrap it around the bottom part of the eye pin and roll it in your hands until you are happy with the shape.  For this part some beads I made from solid colours, others I twisted colours together..others I started solid and then added other colours to them by wrapping them with ropes made from a contrasting colour and then smoothing the ropes into the bead.  Basically be creative with this step.  The most important thing is to made sure that the loop at the top of the eye pin stays exposed and that there is no wire exposed at the bottom of the bead.  For this necklace I made 24 beads.
When each bead is complete place it on a tinfoil lined baking sheet.
(Yes I made a ring while I was at it)
3.  Follow the instructions in your clays packaging for baking the beads.
4.  Cut 4 pieces of chain (or more would give it even more volume) long enough to go around your neck with a bit of ease.  I cut each a slightly different length, and I used 2 sizes of chain.
5.  Use needle nose pliers to open up a jump ring and string one end of each chain onto it.
6.  I then braided my chains together using a random do this step I held the jump ring in my mouth...probably not the smartest method, but it worked.
7.  Attach another jump ring to the other end of the chains attaching them all together.  I then added a few more jump rings to the end of the chain so that I could adjust the length of my necklace when it's clasped shut.
8. To the end that you first put the jump ring on attach a lobster clasp.  I used another jump ring to do this.
9.  Do up your necklace and lay on a flat surface and then start attaching the (baked and cooled down) beads that you've made by using jump rings through the eye of the Eye pin and a loop in the chain.
Placement of the beads is completely random...I tried to put smaller beads by larger ones and keep the colours spread out evenly.

All done!! Hope that wasn't too confusing considering I didn't have many pictures for the different steps.

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Daphne said...

Very cute. Can't wait to see how you wear it.