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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday

Black Cardigan- Giant Tiger $12
Lace Dress- Kensie $30
Belt- H&M
Tights- ??
Gold and Black Shoes- The Shoe Company (J-Lo for $13)
Necklace- Self Made

This is what I wore to my In-laws for dinner on Easter Sunday.  I figured that this cream lace dress was the perfect Easter dress...if only the weather had co-operated then I wouldn't of had to "winterize" this dress.
I wish I had gotten a better picture of Vylas outfit..but really the shoes are the best part.
Here's Vyla with her Great Grandma
...and a close up of the Shoes


Brianna said...

I'm intrigued by this necklace you made, would love to see it in person to see it better. I'd forgotten about these shoes of Vyla's.... so cute and funny!

Kimberellie said...

The shoes!!!! Perfect!! Also, love the necklace. So cool!!

Daphne said...

I am in love with that necklace. Great dress too. Her shoes are to die for. Wherever did you get them?

Tracy said...

what a cool necklace! and those baby shoes are just ridiculously CUTE! lol :D

cadencesmama said...

i love your necklace!! so cute!

and i have to get some of those heels for cadence! where did you get those shoes?