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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fabulous Finds

Yesturday I went to the Real Canadian Superstore to try on a bunch of pants by Joe Fresh (Pretty much the most amazing super affordable Canadian Fashion Brand EVER)...I had been eyeing up alot of their cream, beige, white and tan pants and finally I had the time to try them all I grabbed a bunch of pants in my size..and to my dissapointment they were all much too I had to go grab smaller sizes..and of course they didn't have any of the pants I loved in the smaller size..I was quite dissapointed because I had a coupon that would give me $10 off a $50 purchase that expires on April 3.  By the time I left the store Vyla was fast asleep so I decided to check out Liquidation World to see what fabulous new things they had in. 
I ended up leaving the store with a bag full of goodies for $40.
As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted with a box full of shoes priced at $3 a pair.  There wasn't much selection and the shoes that they did have each pair was only in about 2 sizes...but I managed to find 2 cute pairs that fit.
The first being a pair of flat blue sandals with a butterfly on the foot...they are perfect because I don't think I own any cute blue (flat) sandals.  The second being a pair of nude heels with wooden beads on the toe.  The heels are 3" high and are a wood (looking) stacked heel.  Of course for $3 each neither of these shoes were leather, but at that price I couldn't turn them down.
Detail on Blue Flat Sandals
Detail on Nude Heels
The next thing I came across was the cream pants by American Eagle for $15...the greatest thing about them is they were not only in my size but their length was called "long"...which was also one of the big problems with the Joe Fresh pants I tried (I was going to have to let out the hem on whatever pants I ended up with there). 

Next I found some scrapbooking supplies:
A kit with extra shapes to use with my "Shape Cutter" for $2.88
And an extra design sheet for my embossing kit for $4.88
Then some Fimo jewlery making kits for $3.88 each...I bought these for the clay, not to make these particular projects..I just liked the colours and I knew how much fimo regularly costs.
And then finally some licorice to satisfy my sweet tooth.
I seriously LOVE this store!!! Usually its hit or miss..but lately I've been finding all sorts of goodies there.  I used to NEVER look in the clothes section..but they've been getting some pretty good stuff in lately.

OK thats all for today..I was just so excited about my finds that I had to share!!


Brianna said...

My liquidation world never has this kind of stuff... Some seriously good finds though! Now I totally want some liquorice!

Daphne said...

We don't have any of these stores here, but looks like you scored some great stuff. Hey, it is nice to go in with a size and find out you are smaller. :)