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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flowers and Stripes

Black Long Sleeve T-Walmart
Striped Tank- Winners
Teal Shawl- Hand Made by my Mother in-law (worn as a scarf)
Black Belt- Target
White Jeans- Winners
Printed Flats- Joe Fresh ($1.94)

I was hoping to wear a floral scarf with this outfit..but I'm lacking in the scarfs department..and I'm much to cheap to buy any...(I know how much it costs to buy a square of fabric....and it's definatly a lot less than what a scarf costs) I guess the solution would be to make some...I'll add it to my never ending list of ideas to make. Because I didn't have a floral scarf that worked I desided to wear flowers on my shoes instead...and then I put this shawl on and pinned it so it looked like a scarf. I'm loving how everything turned out. Lately I've seen so many other bloggers wearing florals with striped it was my time to test it out!!


Brianna said...

Great outfit, fun shoes and such a good price!

Daphne said...

Like the combination. Great idea abou wearing the shawl like a scarf.
I didn't know you were seeling stuff on Etsy. I will check it out.