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Friday, April 23, 2010

In My Bag

Here is a picture of the clothing that I packed for the trip to visit my hubby.  (Which by the time you will be reading this will be almost coming to an end...)  Usually when I travel anywhere I always bring way more than I need...but my packing philosophy was to bring as much as I possibly could fit in a suitcase "just in case".  This time after seeing so many bloggers doing challenges where they remix a certain amount of clothes in a week...and seeing countless spreads in magazines about making so many outfits from a set amount of clothing..and also reading in magazines about how one should plan out their outfits when they go away and pack items that can be mixed and matched to make more outfits...I finally have given in and am trying this for myself.  Over 10 years ago my Mother even tried to teach me this lesson when our family went for an almost month long trip through Asia...allowing each of us kids only a hiking back pack worth of luggage...I cringe when I recall what I wore on that trip (zip off cargo pants anyone?...that way they counted as both pants and shorts)...
1. Floral Ruffle Halter Dress-Winners
2. Oatmeal Sweater-Winners
3. Gold Shrug-H&M
4. Cream Jeans-Winners
5. CowGirl Boots-Winners
6. Wine Printed Blouse-Self Made
7. Denim Shorts-Winners
8. Jeans-TJ Maxx
9. Over Knee Boots-Steve Madden
10. Speckled Multi-Colour Blouse-Liquidation World
11. Olive/Black Blouse- Liquidation World
12. Gold Flats- Ross
13. Brown/Black Sandals- Old Navy
14. Long Sleeve Black Tee- Walmart

These are obviously just the main pieces...I didn't include hosiery, and accessories into this "challenge"....
I realized after I had everything all figured out that I'm going to need a jacket at some point during my I will be bringing my Leather Jacket as if you count that in then it brings the item count up to 15...which I still think is pretty good!!
So hopefully all goes well on this trip..and I certainly hope I remember to take pictures of each outfit!!


Brianna said...

A great challenge! I'll be doing this next week in my planning for Italy! Can't wait to see your outfit posts!

Kimberellie said...

Cool idea. Would love to see how you style it all. Should do something like this myself!!

Daphne said...

I applied the same concept when I pack. I do the challange before I go and create the number of outfits and write (type) them up. That way when I am on the trip I don't even have to think about what to wear I just look at my list and put it on. So funny we both 'scheduled' a packing post while we are traveling.
Hope your trip was good.