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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inspirations from Barney

Black Cardigan- Self Made
Floral Halter Top- Winners
Green Belt- Zara (Worn inside out)
Black Skirt- Joe Fresh
Purple Tights- Winners
Black Booties- DSW

A person would probably think that I watched alot of Barney as a child considering how much I love pairing green with purple...but the truth is the only time I ever watched it was in grade 1 or something.
As I type this I am constantly having to pull Vyla from under the computer desk because she keeps trying to go for the power bar and all the fun cords coming out of it...I can no longer leave her alone in a room and have to make sure our door to the basement is closed at all times because she is crawling all over the place's crazy how much they can learn in a weeks time!


Brianna said...

Looking fabulous lady...

Daphne said...

You made me laugh. I do love purple tights though. They look so chic. Ah, welcome to my world with a crawling little baby. Wait till they discover climbing.