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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Olive and Wine Pt.2

Brown Blazer- H&M
Wine Cardigan- Joe Fresh
Olive Dress- H&M
Brown Belt-?? $1
Wine Tights- Joe Fresh
Cowgirl Boots- Winners

I had worn a dressier version of this outfit back in February and received many compliments... so I desided to use the same articles of clothing (Minus the blazer) and switch up the accessories for a more casual look.
I've been quite productive these last few days and whipped up a bunch of rings....I'm thinking of putting them up on my Etsy shop...but I'm finding it hard to sell things on Etsy because there are SOOO many things being sold there that the only way to be successful on Etsy is to have a very successful blog with many readers so you can direct them to your shop.  So with that said...what should I do?????

Here's a Peek at a few of the Rings



Love the second ring! I adore statement pieces... The bolder the better!
Didn't get the link to your shop...
I love the dress with the awesome cowboy boots!
Boot gal, here.


OOps, found the link, didn't find the ring. :-(

Brianna said...

I would buy all of these. Seriously. They're gorgeous. I'm showing all my friends!
You're outfit is great today, love the boots!

Daphne said...

Love that dress. Goes great with purple. I love Etsy but yes the selection is overwhelming. I tried to search for 'bib necklaces' once and got sooo tired at the end. I think you are going about it the right way buy showing the etsy items on the right side of your blog. I checked them out. Very cool things.