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Monday, April 19, 2010


Gold Cardigan- H&M
Blush Tank- Winners
Floral Belt- ?? (8+years old)
Beige Pants- Liquidation World (American Eagle $15)
Black/Brown Sandals- Old Navy $11ish
Ring-Self Made (But it Here)

So lately I've been loving creams and blush tone outfits and couldn't wait to try it myself.  Not long ago I HATED pastels...but I think I can make an exception for these colours.   My biggest issue is baby colours..I just don't like thanks..I prefer colours with lots of pigment to them!!  But of course there are always exceptions to every "rule".


Brianna said...

Love the detailing on this top. What's the ring made out of? I'm intrigued!


I have pastel phobia myself however, this top looks stunning on you.

Kimberellie said...

Love those shoes. Love pastels myself. Though I love every colour!!!

ps. Your ring wants me to "but" it here. ;-)