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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Should Bikers Wear Shorts?

Did you notice the pen on the floor?? Apparently I don't enjoy picking up after's much funner making the mess than cleaning it!
Leather Jacket- Zellers
Studded Purse- Winners
Black Longsleeve T-Walmart
Black Chain Neck Tank- Winners
Jean Shorts- Winners
Studded Belt- Walmart (8+ years old)
Grey Tights- Joe Fresh
Over Knee Boots- Steve Madden
Double Finger Ring- Self Made

So with all this leather on I feel a bit Biker Chic...not the fringy leather or butch kind...the good kind...the kind that seems sooo few and far between...perhaps that's because it probably wouldn't be the best idea to wear shorts on a motorcycle?!?  But even if you shouldn't wear shorts it does not mean you should wear fringy chaps and jackets to match...or stiff shapeless leather so that from behind the only thing that sets you apart from the men is a long stragly ponytail hanging from under your helmet...and well sometimes the men even have that going on!!...I guess as long as you don't grow the beard to match you're doing ok?
Ok enough about that...I decided it was time to test out the shorts and tights combo..the reason I didn't do this sooner was because we packed up most our summer clothes to prepare for moving...but I found these shorts at Winners the other day and fell in love...and to justify I don't own any other jean shorts...if I did I likely would have searched through all our boxes untill I found them..which would create quite the much easier to just buy new things right??

Thanks to those who gave me some imput yesturday...although I was hoping for a bit more feed back I figured it wouldn't hurt to add the rings to my Etsy they are all up now!!



Nathalie said...

This is such a great outfit. Perfect biker chic :)
And I love your statement that making the mess is much more fun than cleaning it up... too good!

Kimberellie said...

Looks good. Very chic and cool. LOVE those shorts!!

Shop T.O. Live said...

Wow. I can't believe you found those shorts at Winners - I find it difficult to sift through all their stock, but you did great and the shorts are so on trend.

I think the ring is a definite eye catcher and an Etsy store sounds like a great idea. I understand (as an Etsy shopper) it is an overwhelming site and good things do get lost.

Daphne said...

Very chic and biker indeed. I am reading blogs newest to oldest as you can see. I see you were on a biker theme for the last couple of days.