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Friday, April 2, 2010

Small Pops of Colour

Sheer White Blouse- Winners
White Cami- Chado
Fine Striped Pants- Rickys
Purple Shoes- Aldo
Blue Ring- Self Made

These pants appear greyish from a distance but they actually have very faint black and white stripes.  I love the rosettes on the neckline of this blouse and the little tucks. 
I don't wear this shirt often because I usually like to wear tops that fit in the waist or can be belted in...usually in fear of looking like a marshmellow or icecream cone....or pregnant.   I have major issues with fit and proportion...basically meaning that in this outfit the slightly flared leg on the pants balances out the width of the top while still keeping a slim silhouette.  If I was to wear this top with skinny jeans and flats I would look like an icecream cone...but if I wore boots over the skinny jeans instead of flats everything would balance out because of the visual weight of the boots...does that make any sence?!?  If not go watch a few episodes of What Not to Wear!!


Daphne said...

LOL! So agree. I am so glad I have found a community where you can discuss such things at lenght and not be weird. My husband thinks I have gone to the deep end when I start explainning such things to him. LOOOOVE that top by the way. So cool details and looks great with those pants.

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt!

Kristy said...

the top is absolutely gorgeous. I love the sleeves and the buttoned neckline. This is such a great work outfit, thanks for the inspiration ;)

ps: I love stacy and clinton!

Brianna said...

You are so funny! Abd, definitely not an ice cream cone....