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Thursday, April 8, 2010

When in Doubt....

Black Cardi- TJ Maxx
Silk Blouse- Liquidation World (Kensie $10)
Belt- H&M
Jeans- TJ Maxx
Studded Boots- Winners

....throw on your trusted uniform.  I'm sure you've all noticed my lazy day consists of a (usually) black cardigan, sleeveless blouse (usually a print), a belt, jeans and easy to throw on boots or shoes.  It's nice to have a go-to outfit that doesn't take much thought, but doesn't have to be the same each time around...whenever I'm in a hurry I know that I can quickly put together an outfit that looks good and doesn't take much thought.  The key thing for me is to keep a least one thing in the outfit interesting.  In this outfit I would say it's the belt with the blouse...from a distance a person would probably be wondering why I chose to pair a maroon belt with a red and orangeish top..and then up close you can see the shirt actually has the same colour in it.   It would be so easy to throw on a black belt with this outfit...and I almost did....but I'm glad I didn't!


Brianna said...

Its a great go to outfit!

Tracy said...

Wow, you look fabulous in this!!

Daphne said...

I have noticed this is your go to combo and it looks great. I second the concept of keeping 1-2 items interestin and trying not to go with a predictable match.
P.S. Thank you for the kind comment on yesterday's blog.