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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

7 Months

Oops my necklace was on a bit crooked...
Green Top- Sirens
Purple Cami (Under)- Self Made
Purple Skirt- Joe fresh
Purple Tights-??
Nude Shoes- Aldo
Necklace- Self Made
Ring- Self Made

Vylas Outfit:
Purple Lace Dress- I made
Black Tights- Winners  (Were Blue originally..I dyed them black)
Purple Shoes- Joe Fresh

Ok so I have no words to even explain what is going on with my hair in these pictures.  *Note to self ALWAYS review pictures before getting changed!!*  I swear my hair wasn't that wild all day..please tell me it wasn't!!
This is what we wore on Mothers Day to my In-Laws for dinner.  My In-Laws went all out and made quite the fancy Father in-law even served us our plates while wearing a tea towel draped over his arm...if you knew him you would laugh at the thought!
(Vyla in the tub- taken about a week ago)
Today Vyla turns 7 Months...seriously where is the time going?!?  She is such a crazy child...for the past 3 weeks she's been pulling herself up on everything in site.  And now for over a week she has been using only a wall to pull herself up with.  Whenever I'm on the floor she will climb all over time she even used my hair to pull herself up with!! Having such a busy baby means I don't get as much done as I used to because she requires almost constant supervision...and with Brody being 13hrs away it's even harder to get things done...which is why I've been working on the same sewing project for the past 2 months (it's almost done and I can't wait to show it off tho!!)  I will say tho that I am extremely grateful to have such a wonderful, well behaved Baby!
This picture was taken today...she was sitting on a couch at my Dads office.  Can you notice the carrot all over her face???

PS.  I've posted a few more rings onto my Etsy Shop...still a few more to add

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cadencesmama said...

vyla is too cute! my baby girl turns 7 months on the 13th!

Kimberellie said...

Okay, I LOVE your hair. And I love this outfit, love the colours, the necklace, your adorable daughter in the pics! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Kendi Lea said...

I have to agree the hair is fabulous, lady!

What a great outfit! Your little one is adorable :)

Snappy-Q said...

I love this outfit! The colours and the shapes and everything are just bang on. And your daughter is a sweetie!

Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer) said...

You both look AMAZING!! What a gorgeous outfit you have on--and your hair is rockin'!!!!!