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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Cant you spot Vyla in the Background??
Rust Dress- Fairweather $5
Necklace- Self Made (Buy it here)
Ring- Self Made (Buy it here)
Bracelets- Dollar Store
Shoes- Found at a cute store in town a few years ago

It's so nice to finally be able to wear summer dresses...the only problem is that the majority of my Summer clothes are packed away.  Here we thought forsure we would both be moved up North by the time Summer clothes were needed....but time keeps going by..and I'm still here and Brody is either I need to dig through our boxes to find my summer clothes...or make do with the items that I left out.  We started packing everything up at the beginning of I was smart and did leave a few summer items out just in case I went somewhere hot for a Vacation....well that didn't happen obviously..but I'm glad I left myself some clothes.  I wore this outfit yesturday because I wanted something simple and comfortable to all I needed to do was accessorize.

This picture is what happens when you think the picture has already been taken...and you go to check it out only to have the camera click while you're walking towards it.


cadencesmama said...

aww vyla! such a cutie! you look great!

Brianna said...

You look smokin'!!!!